Thursday, May 27, 2010

Commercial Whaling

In between my duties as the character designer on Ice Age 4 (that's right, Ice Age 4) and efforts to maintain my career as an illustrator, I sometimes have the opportunity to design for television commercials. Of the handful of commercials I've worked on, most have been with Hornet Inc., a cool little production house in Soho, N.Y.C., that does a really impressive variety of work. The commercial, which is a quick thirty seconds long, is about a race between a whale and a shrimp. Below are a few sketches, turntables and the finished version.

This is one of the first versions of the shrimp I came up with before I realized he needed to be a bit more motocross.

I explored various species of whale and for performance reasons, decided on the sperm whale.(No pun intended).

Whale model turntable

Shrimp model turntable


  1. These are so great! I love the shrimp, they're so funny.

  2. Your characters are always so volumetric they lend themselves effortlessly to 3d. I love how heavy the whales feel.

  3. great designs! what sort of medium did you use to color them?

  4. these are guys are really appealing! beautiful work, the commercial turned out really well too!

  5. Love them. Shame we dont get those adverts over here...

    Just got your book last week, its an inspiration!

  6. HAHA nice characters!!
    I whant to see the commercial!

  7. Wow Peter! I did not know that your character designing talents extended all the way out to commercials! I knew I liked that Dodge Caliber commercial for a reason....

    Wicked genius stuff as always.

  8. So appealing and funny! :) Great as always, Peter!


  9. too bad the whale model looks nothing like the drawings. They did a good job with the shrimp, though.

  10. These whale concepts are great...but I also enjoyed your Ice Age concepts too. Your work is impressive and inspiring, full of nice shapes and character.

  11. Very inspiring work! So cool to see what personality can be pulled from what is essentially a blob with a tail. Thank you so much for posting!

  12. lively
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    in suma that's great

  13. So fun, and the final commercial turned out great. Love your characters.

  14. Great work Peter ! And now I want my whaleburger with shrimp juice...

  15. Those whale designs are AWESOME.

  16. So great! I love the first pic of the whale!

  17. Have you received my message? I'm from ice age 5, 6 ...etc

  18. Thank you for sharing a nice article.

  19. I whant to see the commercial!

  20. You're work is always inspiring! Love the sketches. Just a nit-picky point on the turn-table model that probably won't matter to most: sperm whales don't have the rorqual throat pleats.

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