Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The PrintShop

I just recently realized that I hadn't even posted a link to my website here on the blog, so it's no surprise that there were other things I forgot to mention as well.
I now have a section called the PrintShop where one could go, if so moved and select from a handful of limited edition prints for purchase. Go to the Store section and take a peek.
I also forgot to mention that the first edition of my book, A Sketchy Past, has been sold out for a while now and my link is sending you to places that are selling it for upwards of $100. Very flattering, but if you want to hold out and wait for a more affordable copy, the second edition is in the works and will hopefully be available within a couple of weeks.
Happy Holidays, so far!


  1. Hi Peter, I bought TWO of your prints over this past weekend at the CTN Expo at Stuart Ng's booth. I bought them because I was amazed at the quality of the print, well, and also because they are yours. :)

    The prints practically look like original watercolors! In fact, I was going to ask you - do you work in just watercolor on watercolor paper or is there some other method? Really nice - do you usually work at the size that you printed those?

    Anyway, I'm glad to own two Peter De Seve prints! They are *awesome* as always!


  2. The link isn't active or something it comes up as an error.

  3. MichaelJA-
    I just tried it and didn't have any difficulty.

  4. So glad I bought your book a couple months ago. It really is one of my favorite art books. Very inspirational.

  5. Man, the alligator got to me. That expression is great!

  6. Hi Peter, the link is not working for me neither; it points to http://peterdeseve.blogspot.com/peterdeseve.com and I guess it should point to http://peterdeseve.com.
    (You can delete this comment if you update it)

  7. I found a new copy of your book on ebay for approximately the cover price.

    What a beautiful book! I've enjoyed it tremendously.

  8. Prints! Finally! :D Thanks, Peter.

    -Charles Santoso

  9. Muito bom trabalho...
    Belíssimas ilustrações. Traço muito bom e pintura com cores suaves. Parabéns!


  10. My apologies to MichaelJA and everyone else. The link should work correctly now.
    Thanks, chinovader.

  11. The woman in this painting has a face that belongs in an animated Disney movie. Everything below her neck does not.

  12. Nice! In the near future, it will be cool if you sell some of your original artworks at your online store too.

  13. Peter, I'm a big fan of you work... and if there is a Santa, I am a few weeks away from owning one of these myself. From what I am seeing on the site and from those who have seen (or already own one) the quality looks excellent. My question is would it be possible to post a link to the printer?

  14. Sounds like things are going great for you Peter! Congrats on everything, so well deserved! I'm looking forward to the 2nd edition of the art book!! Keep 'em coming!

  15. Hi Peter I am a big fan of yours and I love their work too am a designer. More not as much as you hope one day to stay professional because I intend to work in the area of design. Hugs!!

  16. your book" A Sketchy Past" is one of my priced possession, it's beyond inspiring and makes you draw post you flip few pages:) not only that i was able to order an extra copy and gifted it to a friend who had brought your previous sketchbook from last year's annecy festival:)
    so CONGRATS:) and hope we'll see a part "two" sometime in the future:)

  17. SUPERB!!!! This looks awesome...

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  20. Trabalho magnifico!1Congratulations!!

  21. Awesome job, man!
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    I am 16 years old and from germany.
    -all the best for 2011

  22. Very impressed with your entire body of work. Sweet alligator there too.

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  24. Hello there, Peter!

    Man, I've just 'discovered' your work and it really IS inspiring, funny and creative. I mean, those "New Yorker" covers? Come on, AMAZING in every single aspect!

    I just wanted to know when will be available the second print of "A Sketchy Past". Can't wait to put my hands - and lay my eyes - on it!

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  26. WonderfulWorkGoodCreations:)

  27. I love your work its just great,and some are really funny ,like the granny and her pet crocodile ,ha ha ;)

  28. fantastic stuff! is possible to buy originals or making commissions?

  29. That alligator is fantastic, I love the fierce little old ladies' expression. You have an excellent style.

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