Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Go Ahead, Open It!"

Once again, I have a rejected New Yorker cover on my hands. This time I had decided not to leave anything up to chance and submitted a finished piece, but to no avail. The New Yorker obviously doesn't appreciate the gift of a dead mouse.
But maybe you do.
While actually catching a mouse in your teeth and presenting at the feet of your loved one is not practical, perhaps giving this print would be the next best thing. If you know a cat owner with impeccable taste, just click the image to the right.

"Go Ahead, Open It!" is a signed, limited edition of 250.

• Printed on acid-free
Canson Infinity /
Arches Aquarelle
Rag Fine Art Paper

• Approximate size
13" x 15"

• Shipped in an
archival print


  1. Brilliant! New Yorker New Schmorker.

  2. I don't think it's clear as to whether the cat is giving or receiving the mouse.

  3. seems, no cat-owners work at the New Yorker :D

    Amazing Work! I love it, too

  4. Our cats seldom present us with the whole mouse. Sometimes, only half, others, only the spleen.

  5. I'm embarrassed to say that my cat is almost as fat as the one Peter created. Great pic! Happy Turkey day Peter and everyone else here!

  6. Fantastic! Love the expression on the cat and character design. Great coloring as well! :)

  7. Sweet like a pic coming from a movie of Hayao, is awesome how masters converse without knowing it, sometimes. :D

  8. Brilliant. Cats never quite understand why people aren't more thrilled with such love offerings....

  9. love it. Love the detail of the mouse.

  10. it's so cute and funny. I love it!!!

  11. I come here to drink from the pool....ahhhh! Thanks! Back to work....

  12. I love it Peter! Nothing says Christmas like a dead rodent. Especially in NYC.

  13. Hi - this is Courtney from CTN (more specifically from the red-eye trip back)

    You looked a little exhausted and over-complimented at the end of the expo, so I thought I would give it a week before complimenting your work! I'm a very big fan of your work, and I'm so happy to see you have a blog. And I love the design of that little mouse!

  14. Very nice drawing, with a very subtle cruelty in the cat's eye, despite his gentle smile.
    Sometimes, I don't understand the decisions of people rejecting such art...

    Well, thank you for sharing and thank you for inspiring so much.

  15. I just had to thank you for the wonderful print. I received mine the other day and it is even more gorgeous on paper.
    Keep up the amazing work.

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