Tuesday, October 27, 2009

that's TWO for the books

I am proud to have the opportunity once more to blag ( I thought I coined this word first, but apparently I didn't) about being partly responsible for an actual entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Many years ago, I illustrated a very small pop-up book of Aesop's Fables which was designed by a fellow named Roger Culbertson. It was a minor affair and my work for it was admittedly middling, but still it was fun to illustrate a pop-up book and to invent amusing pop-uppish ways to tell the stories. Roger, was quite passionate about pop-ups and decided to recreate the book, but scaled up to a relatively enormous height of 4ft., thereby breaking the current World Record, and officially placing it in the Guinness Book of.
In an equally unintentional way, I have found myself once again associated with a record breaking entry. This time for an ice sculpture of a colossal Scrat, holding his acorn aloft and measuring 45 ft. high. To be clear, I just drew the thing and never picked up a chainsaw. That job was left to a crack team of fourteen ice sculptors who worked feverishly through the night to complete it in time for a promotional event announcing the release of Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs on Blue Ray and DVD.

The ice sculpture was unveiled yesterday in Santa Monica under brutally sunny California skies.

Sorry, I don't have any good photos of it and I'm not authorized to show my actual design, but it looks something like this:


  1. I was planning on setting the record for "most hotdogs eaten while balancing on an illustrated book." Would you mind if I used "A Sketchy Past?"

  2. Wow. The pop-up is cool but, a pop-up and an ice sculpture...now that's tough to beat.

  3. In France we say "it's class in dallas" which means "Whaou EXTRA !"

  4. Oh, how I luv this blagin'.
    Well deserved!!!
    Everybody holding a pencil (or a chainsaw) should feel really proud right now.

  5. 21 years later, and I'm still laughing. (At your jokes!)

  6. This post deserves to be in the guiness book for being the most humorous Peter :-)