Sunday, November 8, 2009

The CTN Animation Expo!

On November 20th, an organization called the Creative Talent Network, will be hosting a brand new convention in Burbank, California designed to bring together professionals in the animation industry to discuss their experiences in the business and share them with colleagues and people looking to make their careers there. Tina Price, the founder of CTN and the Expo, has flattered me with the invitation to be a featured guest and to take part in several of the events being held there, including a one on one interview on stage, with the legendary Roger Allers , director of the masterpiece, The Lion King. Other events will include workshops, panel discussions and simple meet and greets at the bar located within the convention ( you know where to find me.) The CTN Expo has been snowballing over the last several months and looks as if it might be shaping up to become something special.
You can find all the info here.


  1. You'll be a great addition to the convention. I love your work on the Ice Age movies!

  2. I admire your work since I was a student, so it is a great pleasure follow your blog. Greetings!!

  3. thanks for your book , i know I m not the first but i can't stay quiet !!! your new book is a great winter gift

  4. Hi Peter.
    Congrats on the book release!

    Would you like to see my latest watercolor painting on my blog? :)

  5. Really excited to see you at CTN... Your work has been a serious inspiration for quite some time!!

  6. Mr. De Seve, you and your wife did a marvelous job with the Duchess of Whimsy. All the reviews on the book are true. It was a pleasure to read and look at the art. Very inspiring.

  7. just simply LOVE ur work ! i have the book on ice age , robots and even your sketchbook, i hope to soon get the new one ,
    your figures radiate from meditated spontaneity ,
    love the energy you instill in your sketches
    big admirer

  8. So happy to have come across your work and your blog. Simply beautiful.


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