Friday, September 9, 2011


Two smart guys, Gerald Guerlais and Dice Tsutsumi are chatting one day and think: Hey, let's have a beautiful blank sketchbook made and then send it out, artist to artist, country to country until the whole damned thing is filled with beautiful drawings! We'll call it Sketchtravel and go to a top flight publisher and have them publish a limited facsimile of the book! Oh, Oh! Then let's auction the original sketchbook at some high dollar auction house in Brussels and GIVE ALL THE MONEY AWAY TO CHARITY!!!
They're very excitable guys, but when they have an idea, they get it done.
Check out their website here and take a look at the fabulous roster of artists they wrangled to appear in the book. Here's a sampling off the top of my head:
Carlos Nine
Carter Goodrich
Ronnie Del Carmen
Rebecca Dautremer
Hayao Miyazaki
Follow this link to a snappy little video about the adventures of the book itself!


  1. On my Christmas list for sure! If not the original (sigh...), then definitely the copy. Love your entry!

  2. I'll definitely get myself a copy! Sadly, not the original...I'm not that rich

  3. oh! I loved this so much! I just got into your blog and I'm enjoying it a lot!! Thank you!

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