Thursday, October 31, 2013

A one day workshop in Paris!

I'll be teaching a one day workshop in character design for anyone who might happen to be in Paris on November 12th. The class will be sponsored by France's most prominent movie magazine, Le Film Francais and will include a lecture and short assignment which we will review in class. You can find more details about the workshop here.
Believe it or not, aside from my class, there is another reason to go to Paris.  After long last, my dear friends Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier will finally celebrate the opening of their new museum, Art Ludik,  which will be dedicated to showcasing work done for the entertainment arts, especially in  animation. Amazingly, their very first exhibition will be The Art of Pixar which is an updated version of the colossal event that premiered at the Museum of Modern Art back in 2006. I can't wait to raise a glass to Diane and JJ and to their own colossal achievement.