Thursday, February 18, 2010


Only a couple of you fell into my trap. My last Frazetta post was meant to teach you the same lesson I got taught, but without costing you $1800. That drawing was also a fake, a fact I was blissfully unaware of for the five years it proudly hung in my studio. The only excuse I can offer for that blunder is that the only reproduction I had ever seen of the piece was in a yellowed Ace paperback circa 1965 and printed on low quality newsprint paper.
Still, when you actually get a good look at the both of them together, the truth of the matter becomes painfully obvious.
To quote a famous Scottish engineer: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


  1. This one has much more concrete forms than the copy. Glad to know that this is the real one.

  2. Maybe you should stop collecting... maybe... :)

  3. In regards to Franzetta, I found this. Think it's pretty amusing.

  4. you sly trickster you! haha
    fooled me ...

  5. Ouch man!! sorry to hear that....

    Frazettas the man....And I understand the desire to own a piece of his work.


  6. and you were happy until you found out it was a fake.

    Just enjoy the piece. . . and keep buying Frazetta pieces . . . . I think I may go into the Frazetta copying business. . . . I mean . . . I heard there are some old pieces that are going up for sale soon. :)

  7. Ah hell. Sorry this had to happen to you. Is this image the one I sent to you?


    Craig Elliott Gallery

  8. Thanks for the lessons Peter. Stimulating eye exercise in comparing the forger to the master.


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