Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Randall has published another book!

Mathilda and the Orange Balloon, was officially released yesterday by Balzer and Bray, an imprint of Harper Collins! It is the third book written by my wife, Randall and is charmingly illustrated by Jen Corace, of Little Pea fame. Mathilda, is the story of a sheep who doesn't think like one and uses her power of imagination to become anything she chooses to be. I think this is a wonderful message for a child to to take from a story and consistent with Randall's other two great books- The Duchess of Whimsy (gorgeously illustrated) and Toy Boat. All of her books have something worthwhile to say to children without them realizing that something worthwhile is being said to them. It's the gift of a good children's book author and makes sense coming from someone who was also an excellent lower school teacher for several years. All I can say is thank goodness one of us is smart or our own kids would be in big trouble.
Congratulations, Honey-Pie!


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  2. Lovely illustrations and nice story idea. Will add it to my wish list on Amazon!

  3. Awesome!! My many congrats to Mrs. De Sève!!!

  4. Congratulations to Randall!! I love her writing in "The Duchess of Whimsy" and will definitely check out this new release.

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