Monday, February 15, 2010

Easy for you to say.

But yes, every one of you is absolutely right. The second one is the real deal. I must say in my defense though, that it's much easier to see
how wrong the fake is when it's seen next to the real Mccoy.
Anyway to wrap up the Frazetta chapter , I'll end with the last piece in my collection, before moving on to the other stuff on my walls.


  1. No defense necessary Pete, I was thinking the same thing. If I only saw that one, I would have gone for it too man. You're still the #1 expert in my book!

    I always loved the tension in the girl's pose in this last one. and there is very little there to communicate that. No textures or highlights or even much modeling. Just little bits in JUST the right places... Frank rocks!

    Craig Elliott Gallery

  2. As soon as we really write to the reel Peter de Seve behind this blog, everything sounds perfect to me. While the whole web/blogs can't stop being the place for egomaniac showcases, you are humble and open minded to influences and inspirations which is so sound and illuminating. You're the man !

  3. amazing collection. What are you going to do with the fake one now? Guess it's coming off the wall..?

  4. I just found your blog. Thanks so much for all the terrific art - much inspired :)

  5. Amazing collection.Agree with everybody.:o)

  6. Oh, why did I let my husband convince me to join this blog?!? Why do I spend long hours gazing at your wonderful Frazetta collection (a little too long over the leaping horse drawing) and the postings of your own magnificent work? I have a manuscript unopened right next to my computer right now, waiting to be story boarded. Should be working on that.... but no, this blog is just too darn good to turn away from!
    Okay, I'll stop now!.....
    Wait, that A. Riabovitchev's avatar look's intriguing.
    Nope! Gotta have strength here!
    Great stuff, Mr. De Seve!
    ~P~ :)

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