Friday, February 26, 2010

Malice Underground

Let's face it, I've never been very prolific, and the situation is worse at a time like this, when I am working on a film. So anyone waiting around for me to post something finished will grow bored pretty quickly. To break the tedium and perhaps give the illusion of actually accomplishing something, I'll show some sketches I've been doing on the train lately.
Nowhere on earth is there more a wealth of characters needing to be drawn than in the subways of New York City.


  1. These are great sketches. Too bad we don't have a subway in Utah. If you ask me, sometimes I like seeing an artist's sketches more than the finish. They have so much energy and you get a glimpse at their process.

    By the way, I got my copy of A Sketchy Past in the mail yesterday. Wonderful!

  2. Yeah, "not prolific" sure... I do know how you feel though. Working on animated movies means that most of our work goes into a black hole for a year or two.

    These are wonderful. They have the solidity and control as well as character that you put into your other designs. You group your shadows so well. Hard to do in the random light of a subway car. Little gems indeed!

    Craig Elliott Gallery

  3. I take it these are sketches from several different days because of the different types of paper. I still haven't worked up the nerve to draw people on the train. I always feel like someone will either get mad or want to have a long conversation with whisky on their breath and a longing look in their eyes.

  4. Wonderful!!!

    These sketches are masterpieces.


  5. These are so stunning and fresh! I'm glad you're making good use of notebook paper, there's something freeing about it.

  6. Its such a treat to see your observational sketches Peter!

  7. These are beautiful! I would loove to see more of your sketches and studies. Inspiring indeed :)

  8. Look, these are masterpieces, simple!
    I hand and line, that these are sublime!
    More please!

  9. I'm coming to New York in may, I can't wait to see all those weird characters !

  10. These are great. Did you make sure that last guy wasn't dead before you got off the train?

  11. Love your line work!

  12. Argh.

    I hate you more every drawing of you that I see.

  13. simply beautifull great sketches ^^

  14. ah yes, it's very hard to get a model of equal quality for such a generous price, as one who is asleep on a mode of public transportation.

  15. Beautiful sketches Peter, thanks for taking the time to post this while being as busy as you are!

  16. Just love your linework. you're the new E.H Shepard :)

  17. very beautiful schetches!

  18. Cool ! with this rythm, you will have enough new materials to launch a brand new Artbook :)

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  20. Tomas> you shouldn't be afraid about people's reaction: usualy they're happy, even sometime proud to be drawn!!!
    Great job Peter!! I love the last 2 one though!!!

  21. Wow, these are very nice! Greets Abraham

  22. been enjoying your new book... You set the bar!

  23. I love doing sketches like this too, it's great fun!
    You do some fantastic work


  24. Not prolific . . HA! That's a good one. I've seen the reams my friend. Nice and free, interesting to see these as opposed to the character work from the a film or from the inner recesses of your head. Nice and personal but full of the beautiful subtitles and things you put into your gestural "day job" work.



  25. Love your drawings which proove again that travelling by public transport is far more creative than driving an individual car.

  26. It's hard to believe that you don't look at your actual drawing for more than a dot or dash and are able to create such a realistic image. Great work!


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